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“What makes our coffee so good”

Great coffee requires many different and equally important ingredients.

From the location of the coffee farm to the exacting roasting process, great tasting coffee is our passion. There are a number of important ingredients that go into a great cup of coffee.



Our coffee is grown on the slopes of Volcan Baru, in the Chiriqui Highlands of Panama. This region is world renowned for the coffee grown here. The altitude, temperature, rain and sunlight all come together to create the perfect growing environment for a robust flovorable coffee bean. The area’s coffee is known for its exquisite aromas and flavors containing fruited and floral notes and has earned the reputation to be some of the world’s best.

Pesticide Free

We support farms that produce shade grown, pesticide-free coffee that provide bird and wildlife friendly environments.




At Panama Joe, we only buy directly from the farmer. This helps to enhance social sustainability. The coffee is hand-picked (not by machine) to ensure the highst quality.

Coffee Flower

Red Cherry

Roast Ready

Green Beans

Hand Roasted to Perfection

Coffee Roasting is the process that transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee.  We generally roast light to medium to extenuate the the distinct nuances of particular estates and to satisfy individual preferences.  

During the later stages of roasting, oils will appear on the bean’s surface giving darker roasts a shiny appearance. Few if any of the “origin flavor” (the flavors distinct to the varietals, altitude, soil and weather conditions of the individual growing region) are retained at the darker stages of roasting.  These origin flavors are eclipsed by the flavors of the roasting process itself.  Other coffee’s are generally roasted dark, this provides consistency and masks defects in the beans at the price of flavor and quality.

A few Panama Joe clients

We are pleased to provide Panama Joe throughout Panama and internationally to North America and Europe.

Below we have listed only a few samples of the type of places you’ll find Panama Joe coffee.


Super Gourmet Bocas

Super Gourmet features a treasure trove of gourmet goodies right in the middle of the tropical paradise of Bocas del Toro, Panama! We offer a vast and exclusive selection of meat, cheese and seafood. You will find fresh breads, dairy products, desserts and a delicatessen that serves home-made pizza, salads, sandwiches, rotisserie chickens and lots more.

Come into the store and discover flavors you won’t want to miss!

Vist us online @ : http://www.supergourmetbocas.com


Organica came from the dream of Maria Elena, one of the partners, who believed in the idea of ​​offering her family, friends and clients in general the possibility to care for and improve their health conditions through a healthy diet, free of chemicals and Pesticides.

Vist us online @ : http://www.organicastore.com

Bocas Paradise Hotel

Bocas Paradise Hotel & Restaurant a neat, clean and cosy colonial-style building that’s perched over the transparent waters of the Caribbean, right in the center of this vibrant little town.  The Bocas Paradise Restaurant seating overlooks the water out on the terrace where one can come or go by water taxi, as is customary here. Even if the walk is a few blocks, many residents and tourists alike opt to take the water route between destinations. The menu at the cafe is small, but rest assured that any choice is bursting with freshness and created with care.

Visit us online @ : http://bocasparadisehotel.com/


Sugar & Spice Bakery

Sugar & Spice specializes in artisan breads, using tried and true European techniques. Their breads are baked fresh daily with all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no conditioners.

On the shelves you will find freshly made traditional French, pumpernickel, sourdough, ciabatta, wheat, rustic Italian, jalapeno cheese, multi-grain and more, including herb breads, rolls and baguettes.

Along with signature breads Sugar & Spice also creates a vast array of delicious sweets and treats! Everything from cookies, brownies, muffins, assorted Danish and pastries to various cakes and pies along with signature cheesecake. Sugar & Spice also offers a full service café serving breakfast and lunch daily.


Visit us online @ : http://www.sugarandspiceboquete.com/

Show Pony Resort

Show Pony Resort, located in scenic Playa Las Lajas in Chiriqui, Panama, offers “the palacio”, a 3 bedroom, fully equipped beach house for rent as well as apartment style hotel rooms with kitchenettes just steps away from the beach. With a fully operational restaurant, pool and a variety of activities Show Pony Resort strives to make your trip to Las Lajas the ideal beach vacation.


Visit us online @ : https://www.showponypanama.com/







Seagull Cove Resort

Located in picturesque Boca Chica, Chiriqui, the Seagull Cove Resort offers of a full-service restaurant and bar, as well as bungalows, swimming pool, private beach and beach deck, dock, boats, kayaks and more all situated on the most beautiful piece of tropical paradise one could imagine!

Welcome to paradise where peace and nature will invite you to stay.
The Resort
  Visit us online @ : https://www.seagullcoveresort.com/

Casa Sucre Coffee House

Located in the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood of San Felipe, Panama, Casa Sucre Boutique Hotel and Coffeehouse is a renovated 1873 Spanish Colonial home with five bedrooms and three apartments for those visiting our historic city.  Incorporated into the historic building is a 1,000 square foot coffeehouse featuring the coffees of the Boquete region of Panama.


Vist us online @ : http://www.casasucrecoffeehouse.com


Isla Palenque

Your Sanctuary from Civilization


There are still undiscovered lands. Let your inner explorer roam a place of rare natural beauty, unspoiled by man and unchanged by time, where adventure calls and senses awaken.

Most people only fantasize about visiting a secluded island paradise. You’re not most people. Plan your trip today.


Visit us online @ : http://www.amble.com/islapalenque


Boquete Sandwich Shop

Boquete Sandwich Shop, Located in the heart of downtown Boquete, Panama offers delicious sandwiches, fresh salads, daily specials and breakfast all day as well as local products including artisan coffee.

Boquete sandwich shop is proud to serve Panama Joe

Vist us online @ Facebook: Boquete Sandwich Shop



Boquete Garden Inn

Within the natural setting of Boquete, the Boquete Garden Inn offers modern comforts and amenities, and a level of personalized, responsive service that is unmatched by hotels in the price range. The Boquete Garden Inn team will help you plan out your stay, connecting you with the very best activities, restaurants and tours.

Escape the ordinary. Share a little piece of paradise with Boquete Garden Inn.



Green Acres Chocolate Farm

Green Acres is a privately owned and operated working chocolate farm and botanical gardens. Nestled on the south shore of Dolphin Bay,  Green acres is host to a lush tropical rainforest, beautifully maintained botanical gardens and a vast cacao (chocolate) plantation.

They also produce their own range of chocolate products, all of which can be purchased at the farm alongside Panama Joe Coffee.

Visit us online @ : http://www.greenacreschocolatefarm.com/